Our Story.

Born in New York,  our founder & CEO Kyle Evans has always had the enthusiasm and grit needed to pursue the American Dream. Our story begins with our founder selling a jacket he no longer wore... at this time Kyle was pursuing his education at Michigan State University while also working in retail. He moved up the ladder quickly in retail soon entering management. Soon after he began selling more and more on ebay, this quickly grew and in May of 2015, Luxus & Invoco was founded. We were founded on the belief to never stop innovating, and that everything can be better. Our founder started this company to provide a better life for his family but also to provide a better type of company... one that gives back, one that doesn't waste, one that cares.



The business has always been growing at an exponential pace and Kyle is and always will be chasing the American Dream. In 2016 the team of one grew into two, with help from his wife, the business soared, soon taking over not only a spare bedroom, but a basement, a garage and now into what it is today. That one jacket has turned into one of the top eBay fashion companies, with customers around the world and together with our team... we will soar even further.
Our company is obsessed with simplicity and creating the most amazing customer experience. Everything we do is centered around how we can make things better... it's at our core. We will never stop innovating, improving or fighting. While many things have changed since May of 2015, one thing has stayed the same... everything can always be better.