Sell with us.

  • Step 1.

    Choose what to sell with us. 
    We accept designer...​

    - Women's Clothing​ & Shoes

    - Men's Clothing​ & Shoes

    - Kids Clothing​ & Shoes

    - Handbags & Accessories​​

    - Watches & Designer Jewelry​

    (that meet our condition standards)

    Brands we buy...​
    ​Use our Brand Search Bar below.

  • Step 2.

    Choose your method. 
    We offer 2 easy ways to sell...​

    Item Drop Off: drop off your items at our store with a curbside drop off and our team will complete an inspection & valuation on them within 1-3 business days. Please contact us to make an appointment.

    Item Pick-Up: Temporarily Unavailable 

  • Step 3.

    Get Paid. 
    We will get you paid fast...​ once our team has valued your items, you'll get a text from us allowing you to choose from either option below...

    Consignment: Get up to 80% of your items selling price. Most items sell within 60 days.​ View estimated payouts below or view our payout percentages.

    instantPAY: Don't want to wait for your items to sell?  Use instantPAY to get an upfront buyout of your items for 60% of your consignment quote.

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Our brand search bar.

Our industry leading brand search bar allows you to type in thousands of different brands and if you see your brand appear then we accept that brand.

If your brand does not show a result, then we do not accept that brand.

  • Louis Vuitton Empreinte Sully MM (new)

    Estimated Payout: $1,260​

  • Michael Kors Jet Set Tote (pre-owned)

    Estimated Payout: $40​

  • lululemon Leggings (pre-owned)

    Estimated Payout: $18

  • Nike Flyknit Shoes (pre-owned)

    Estimated Payout: $15​

  • Patagonia Sherpa Fleece (pre-owned)

    Estimated Payout: $25

  • Nike T-Shirt (pre-owned)

    Estimated Payout: $2​

  • Comme Des Garçons T-Shirt (pre-owned)

    Estimated Payout: $30​

  • Levi's Jeans (pre-owned)

    Estimated Payout: $5

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Selling FAQ's.

Are there brands you don't accept?

Yes, please use our "Brand Search Bar" above, if your brand does not show up, we cannot accept your item.

What about condition?

We do not buy any items with holes, stains or odors. Items should be in good pre-owned or new condition.

Check our Condition Guide

Are my items safe?

Your items are 100% insured while in our pocession and are also 100% insured when shipped to us using a Luxus & Invoco provided shipping label.

How do you value my items?

We use proprietary tools to value each item individually to get you the most money! Sometimes 2X as much as our competition.

Do you only accept in-season items?

Nope, we accept different types of items year round, that means we can accept sweaters in the summer and sleeveless tops in the winter.

How long does it take to drop off my items?

It can take roughly 5-10 minutes. Returning customers will experience quicker drop off speed.

How long does it take to value my items?

About 10-15 minutes for every 10 items. We aim to value all of your items within 24-48 hours. (please note we are closed on Sundays)

Will you just buy items?

Yes, we can buy your items at our sole discretion using our instantPAY method... your upfront buyout will be 60% of your consignment quote.

What types of payment can I receive?

PayPal, Venmo & Check

Do I need an appointment?

Yes appointments are required for drop offs

Schedule an Appointment

Maximum amount of items I can bring in?

We do not have a maximum or minimum amount.

How long until I get my payout?

Consignment payouts are processed during the beginning of each month for items sold in the previous month. You will receive payment via you preferred payment method. So if you have 10 items sell in May, your June payout will have be for those 10 items.

What if I don't like the consignment quote?

You can feel free to pick up your items and the valuation is at no cost to you. You can also consign individual items.

What if I submit items you don't accept?

We will give them back to you or we donate them to local charities on your behalf, up to you. We do offer a tax form for any donations.

Do items need to be on hangers?

Nope, whether on hangers, or in boxes and bags... whatever works for you. Items must be shipped to us in a box with proper packing materials for safe transit.

What is the consignment length?

We will attempt to sell you item(s) for 365 days upon receipt of the item(s), with a minimum period of 90 days.

What are the selling & consignment terms?

You can read our consignment terms by using the link below.

Selling & Consignment Terms

What if my item gets returned after it sold?

If a buyer decides to return an item after it has sold, you keep your payout and the item becomes property of Luxus & Invoco. So even when a buyer returns an item you still get paid... see simple.