How we give back.

We donate a percentage of our sales to a local charity that provides the largest amount of Christmas MAGI boxes in the country to children around the world. Our team also volunteers every month with the M.A.GI. program. The boxes are filled with clothing, small toys, hygiene items and many more gifts.


Our contributions.
Money contributed  $50,000
Volunteer hours contributed 2,500 hours

(information updated 11/8/2021)


 Learn more about the MAGI program below.


How can YOU share God’s love with a hurting world?

Consider being a part of the MAGI Box Project! Although God’s love cannot be contained, we can share the power of his love in a small, simple cardboard box labeled MAGI – short for Making a Godly Impact. People in need are introduced to the gospel of Jesus Christ with gifts that bring joy and meet very real needs.

Through the MAGI Project, Christians in the U.S. have an opportunity to Make A Godly Impact on a global scale. This project started over 20 years ago when we brought gift boxes to orphans in Romania during the Christmas season. Today, MAGI has grown to be a year-round effort, delivering God’s love to more than 250,000 children in eight countries.

The majority of MAGI boxes are given to local churches and missionaries to distribute in impoverished communities in countries like Zambia, Honduras and Mexico. Each box is delivered in person along with a Bible and invitation to learn more about Jesus. Entire families have come to know Christ through the MAGI Box project.

We invite you to join our family at Healing Hands International by becoming a volunteer MAGI Coordinator for your church, organization or school.

To learn more, email about how YOU can begin Making a Godly Impact TODAY!

Donations are also accepted to help fund our MAGI Box Project worldwide – GO TO: